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Hollywood Reporter: Immigration Doc 'Documented' Will Get Theatrical Release Prior to CNN Airing

The film, which was written, produced and directed by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, chronicles his experience as an undocumented immigrant and a crusader for immigration reform.

A Dream Less Deferred: $25 Million DREAMer Scholarship Fund Comes From Bipartisan Allies

Undocumented students now have access to a $25 million college tuition fund, billed as a "Pell Grant for DREAMers."

Why Coke's Super Bowl Ad Matters So Much

Coca-Cola's ad featured seven languages and an interracial same-sex couple. As a gay, undocumented, Filipino immigrant, it reaffirmed that this is my America too.

Time To Join the Movement

As Christians, we should stand with our immigrant neighbors and pledge our support for them as they pledge their allegiance to our nation and it's future. In how we are to treat one another, through community and the policies our community adopt, there is a clear biblical imperative.

In Immigration Reform, Allies Must Join Activists

When it comes to immigration reform, we need to hear from American citizen allies who support undocumented immigrants like me.