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White and Undocumented -- why I’m not stopped by border patrol

I could never, ever gave up on America -- That was never, ever a consideration.

When Supporting Your Family Earns a Criminal Record

Sheriff Joe Arpaio ordered a raid on my workplace. Under Arizona’s new laws, those falsifying their own documentation for any purpose are criminally charged with identity theft.

Will America live up to its promise?

...despite the fact that I am an American by default, I struggle with my connection with this country and with the very concept of citizenship.

What will it finally take to be recognized as Americans?

The national trauma of 9/11 brought on another hurdle. Immigrants had become the “other.“ Many communities suffered severe profiling and bias attacks, especially in New York City. For those of us working in the immigration advocacy space, we knew no immigration reform bill would pass for years to come.

Should all Americans have the right to an education?

If my immigration status wasn’t an issue, I’d be traveling, graduating college and would probably be on the path to law school. My work in advocacy and in my community would have been exponentially stronger and I may have even started my own business.