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New Online Campaign Encourages Undocumented Americans to “Come Out”

In an unprecedented national effort to improve the perception of undocumented immigrants, Define American launches its Coming Out campaign today - calling on undocumented immigrants to empower themselves by publicly announcing their immigration status to friends, family and their communities. Among those supporting the campaign is world-renowned dog behaviorist and star of Cesar 911 on Nat Geo WILD, Cesar Millan.

Happy 4 years #DefineAmerican!

Connect the dots between the LGBT & Immigration movements. Who are you #OutFor? Share your story. Define American.


The South, Not Just in Black and White

Like in Dalton, Southern communities in states like Georgia and Tennessee are facing a choice. How do they respond to those who come seeking refuge, who came to America for a better life?

KQED Op/Ed references Undocumented Americans

All Americans, including undocumented Americans, deserve a fair chance in the labor market. But because of this fundamental unfairness due to the 1986 law, the system will always be rigged against them.

Would You Call Jesus Illegal?

Op/ed by Rev. Ryan M. Eller of Define American and Delman Coates, originally published on HuffPost Religion

As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors. The Bible tells us to welcome strangers in our land and to love them as we love ourselves. That's why the media and all Americans should immediately stop referring to our undocumented brothers and

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