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"Education Week": Undocumented Journalist Brings Immigration Issues to the Classroom

"Whenever we think about this issue, how many times do we talk about you?" Vargas said to a ballroom full of educators at the National Council for the Social Studies conference. "How many times do we talk about these allies that the media doesn't cover? ... They don't think you're a part of it, but you are a part of it."


Brand-New Curriculum Tied to Immigration and Identity Debuts at the National Council for the Social Studies Conference

Press Statement: Presidential Action on Immigration

Today’s actions by the president, like presidents before him who have also acted on immigration, are a step towards embracing our heritage as a nation of immigrants and ending the suffering of millions. But the real shift can only come once culture embraces our immigrant past and welcomes the diversity in America’s future.

“For Decades, I Have Cringed Whenever Someone Called Me ‘Illegal’”

Here’s a fact: The policy changes Obama announced during his prime-time address Thursday night do not constitute “amnesty” (or, as the Republican National Committee calls it, “illegal executive amnesty”). By their very nature, Obama’s executive actions are temporary—not a substitute for congressional action, and nowhere near as comprehensive. Not every undocumented person is covered.

'Orange Is the New Black' actress: My parents were deported

I am the citizen daughter of immigrant parents who were deported when I was 14. My older brother was also deported.

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