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What will it finally take to be recognized as Americans?

The national trauma of 9/11 brought on another hurdle. Immigrants had become the “other.“ Many communities suffered severe profiling and bias attacks, especially in New York City. For those of us working in the immigration advocacy space, we knew no immigration reform bill would pass for years to come.

Why I Turned Myself in to DHS

I could easily have been deported this summer. But I'm just one of 11 million...

Will the President keep his word?

Over 11 million undocumented Americans remain in limbo

Are you with the #1of11Million?

Let's work together: Utilize the stories of the #1of11Million campaign in talking points, social media and in media communications.

What are you most proud of?

My sons, Issac and Felipe are part of the roughly 4.5 million native-born US citizen children that have at least one undocumented parent and part of the almost 90% of US citizen children in Chicago with immigrant parents.