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Define American Statement on Death of Co-­Founder Jake Brewer

The Define American team extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Define American co­founder and board co­chair Jake Brewer, who was tragically killed during a charity bicycle ride in Maryland on September 19th.

Jose Antonio Vargas: I'm not an 'alien'

There are those who say that "alien" is a perfectly fine, neutral term, and that anyone who finds it offensive is playing word police and should just check the dictionary.

Opinion: To call someone an "illegal alien" is to imply one's mere existence is criminal

This isn't about being overly sensitive. It's about creating a society where people aren't defined by societal prejudices.

One Mistake As A Teen Made Me An Ally For Undocumented Immigrants

“Get out of the country, you illegals!” I yelled at the top of my lungs from the backseat of the car my friend was driving. “We don’t want you here!” You may never guess that a member of Jose Antonio Vargas’s Define American organization, which aims to create a more welcoming culture for immigrants, once yelled insults at Latino day laborers as a teenager. Furthermore, you may also never guess I am Latino myself, and that my father was once an undocumented immigrant.

"White People" Documentary Examining Race and Immigration Airs Tonight

Directed by Define American Founder, Jose Antonio Vargas

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