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Jong-Min’s Story



Jong-Min has actively worked to raise awareness on immigration issues and appeared on the cover of Time as part of a group of undocumented immigrants featured in the cover article written by Define American founder Jose Antonio Vargas. Jong-Min narrowly missed the age cut-off for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. He hopes to become a great federal judge one day, with aspirations as high as sitting on the Supreme Court.  [...]

Aly’s Story



As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments surrounding President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, known as expanded DACA (DACA+) and DAPA, Define American will be sharing the stories of undocumented immigrants who would either be able to seek temporary deportation relief under one of the two programs currently frozen by the court system, and those who are afforded the same protections under DACA. [...]

Library of Congress Abandons “Illegal Alien”


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Through our #wordsmatter campaign, we work with media outlets and political leaders to encourage use of language toward immigrants that is accurate and humane. We’re thrilled that we are not alone in this effort to educate and modernize the way in which our country’s most high-profile people and institutions communicate. The latest victory in what has now become a national effort between several committed groups comes from determined and passionate students at one of America’s most prestigious universities. [...]

Superman is an (Undocumented) Immigrant


The tale of Superman is a classic American story: a small town boy from Kansas saving the world with his amazing powers and incredible courage. Traditionally, it could be seen as the epitome of what the U.S. holds itself up to be; a collection of hardworking, caring, brave citizens who aspire to greatness. What may not be as evident upon first glance is that it’s also an incredibly accurate narrative of where we are now as a country.  [...]

Win a $1,000 Prize Through the USA Our Way Video Contest


Today, Define American, in partnership with Arts in a Changing America (ArtChangeUS) launches USA Our Way, a short-form video art contest that asks artists to imagine American identity as one that encompasses all of our country’s complexities and histories. The winner will receive a prize of $1,000.  [...]

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