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Celebrating Parents, The Original Dreamers

| Mónica Novoa

March is not only Women’s History Month, but also National Coming out of the Shadows Month. The activities this month honor the sacrifices of millions of women and parents who have either sent their children ahead to the United States or uprooted their lives, determined to provide for their children and offer them more opportunity. Storytelling, media savvy and brave actions led by young undocumented people have broken through to the mainstream and influenced policy and conversation. [...]

Jose's Testimony

| Mónica Novoa

We're very proud of Jose Antonio Vargas' impassioned testimony today as the first out undocumented journalist to testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration. The resounding message was one of inclusion and a shared destiny. In our America, it's about DREAMers, but also their entire families; it's about unification, including for LGBTQ couples; it's about workers of all skill levels; and it is about immigrants AND their allies. [...]

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