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America Embraces 1 Million Dreams

| Jose Antonio Vargas

Today our country embraces upwards of one million young new Americans: DREAMers.

They grew up here, they were educated here and they have so much to give back to the country they call home. With a stroke of President Obama's pen, our country lives up to its ideals and finds a fair and pragmatic solution, ending the nightmare of a generation of young people who are Americans in all but documents.

Every social movement in  the world is led by young people, and DREAMers are the beating heart of this growing immigrant rights movement. Like generations of immigrants before them, they have insisted on a better life not just for themselves and their families but for the country they love. This is a victory for DREAMers and the members of their underground railroad--educators and faith leaders, friends and neighbors--who have aided and supported them. 

The journey is far from over for the remaining millions of undocumented Americans like me--at 31, I am past the age limit--but this is a big, bold and necessary step in the road to citizenship. 

Please join me in saying “Thank you, President Obama, for this principled and courageous act.” 


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