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Jose on CNN: "The best way to solve a problem is to tell the truth about it"

| Jake Brewer

In his conversation with Howard Kurtz on CNN this evening, Jose poignantly notes that "the best way to solve a problem is to tell the truth about it." He couldn't be more right. 

This campaign is about telling the true stories of immigration from every corner of the country - whether they are comfortable to acknowledge or not

Watch the full interview here:

In the interview, Jose also is quick to point out:

If you look at the way immigration is covered in this country, it's not as well-rounded, or as wholistic ...or it doesn't really elevate the conversation in the way that it needs to be elevated. And that's what we're going to be doing at"

While you'll be hearing much more from us about the way immigration is covered by the media in the US, we'd love to know your thoughts here in the comment section. 

How do YOU think immigration is covered by the press in this country? How should it be covered? What are the questions we need to be asking in this conversation? How can we better discuss the TRUTH about immigration?

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