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    | Anonymous

    I was born in Mexico city in 1991. My father could not afford a place of his own so we lived with my grandparents along with 5 other uncles and aunts each with their own family. Unfortunately We had to live near the same area were the pigs lived. My father and mother had to work from sunrise to sun set so I was raised by my grandparents up…

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  • 17 years young and willing to join the US Army

    | Anonymous

    Happy peaceful Memorial Day................
    Hello family and friends,
    41 years ago on Memorial Day 1972 I arrived in the USA, although the country was divided over the Viet Nam conflict:

    My one goal and dream was to join the Army, which I was able to accomplish by the summer of 1974, as an E2 in the Army Reserves, I became a truck driver, and…

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  • Telling My Story From Exile

    | Anonymous

    I'm Nicole and I'm from Central New York but for the last 7 years I've been living in Central Mexico because my husband was undocumented when we married in CA in 2004. My life's been turned upside down but I've become active in recent years and coauthored a book about these issues with Nathaniel Hoffman in the hopes that the nation will start to understand the impact of immigration…

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  • Done Dreaming

    | Anonymous

    My name is Esmy Jimenez.

    I was raised in a small town in Washington State known for agriculture and friendly people. I graduated from the local high school as the Senior Class President. I was in National Honor Society and enrolled in all the AP classes my school provided. I even ran on the cross country team and (attempted) to play tennis. On weekends I worked for a…

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  • Our Story

    | Anonymous

    My story is only one of millions. I am a U.S. citizen. In 2007, I married my wonderful wife, a citizen of Mexico.

    Since then, we have been entangled in the immigration process to adjust my wife’s status. She was brought without papers as a child. Her family came to the U.S. because her father had been unemployed for many months and needed to feed his family. Little…

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