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  • Teresa Lefranc

    | Anonymous

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  • Ruben Rodriguez

    | Anonymous

    I am American. I am legal. I roam amongst my peers in the land of the brave and the free. My parents were born in these great United States and thus, submit to the life of freedom and opportunity. I have 7 siblings whom are apart of the same lifestyle as I am - American. I struggle to define my place in this country - a balance or centerpiece…

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  • Spencer Harvey

    | Anonymous

    What I would define America is what we first based this country on "The Land of the Free" but along the way we added more definitions of what our country stands for. We continue to disagree with each other or decide that an open discussion is uncalled for because we are too stubborn to admit our faults and shortcomings, but we all need to redefine where we went wrong…

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  • Cindy Williamson

    | Anonymous

    No one !!!!!! Absolutely no one should be allowed in this nation legally or illegally who has to go on welfare and have Americans pay your way ... That's the damn problem !!!! If you can't take care of yourself ..... Stay out!!!

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  • Tracy Andrews

    | Anonymous

    An American is a legal resident of The United States of America. An American pays taxes through either a Tax ID # or a Social Security # and votes. An American respects and obeys the laws of the U.S.A. They also respect and do not infringe upon the culture, and rights of other citizens of the U.S.A. An American also enjoys the God given and inalienable rights to liberty,…

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