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  • Veralucia Mendoza

    | Anonymous

    To be American means to be ambitious, determined, and passionate. It means we demand freedom and justice for all - including those not born within our borders.

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  • Edgar Chavarria

    | Anonymous

    I define American as an individual who lives in the United States and regardless of his legal status follows and obeys the common laws which will not harm his life and goals in life which would benefit his community.. I'm and young undocumented immigrant who migrated to the U.S. at a young age who attended to high school and graduated with an strong gpa. Even though I'm not attending…

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  • Ramiro Munoz

    | Anonymous

    Llegue de Guatemala en 1982.Comence a trabajar ganando $4.29/hora. Trabaje sin papeles por 6 anos. Despues de12 anos fui supervisor,luego fui jefe de planta por 6 anos ..Ahora trabajo de (Ingeniero operador,y gano $ 25.72,x hora....Si hacemos la diferiencia Claro k si...

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  • Please help me to accomplish my dream

    | Anonymous

    My dream is to become a famous scientist. I came here when I was 14 years old.

    I go to CSU San Bernardino. I was not protected by DACA the first time because I was 3 months over the age limit. I qualify for the second version of DACA that was cancelled by the judge in Texas.

    My dream is become a scientist to help…

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  • Jorge Garcia

    | Anonymous

    Yo creo que america es un pais libre y soberano y que si alguien tiene que aser las leyes son Los Indios nativos de america ya que este pais fue formado por migrantes Desde el primer dia de historian de estados unidos y que en el siglo que estamos el razismo no es bueno.Dios bendiga America!!!

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