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  • Who is the American?

    | Anonymous

    While I was born in this country, many of my friends and teammates on my soccer team were not. There are thousands of hard-working Americans who put in every effort to support American ideals and follow the laws to the letter. On the other hand, there are also thousands of kids who are naturalized citizens who become involved in drug dealing, degradation of women, and fighting for no good…

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  • White, male, and a retired navy chief petty officer

    | Gregg Martin

    I am 52 years old, white, male, and a retired navy chief petty officer. Although always aware of the need for change in our country’s immigration system, my interest started becoming acute after I heard about the Bracero Program that started at the beginning of World War II and lasted until 1964. The program came about when the United States approached Mexico for help during the critical labor shortage…

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  • From Pumping Gas to Wall Street

    | Anonymous

    At age 15 my parents moved my sister and I to Brooklyn, NY. After 7 years of separation our family was finally together.

    That was how my journey to the American dream started. Since I was undocumented I couldn't take the scholarships I earned when I graduated high school. Lucky for me some CUNY schools did not have restrictions nor extra fees for undocumented students. My uncle who…

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  • We all are responsible for our actions, but....

    | Alice Urban

    We all are responsible for our actions. If you do something illegal you must be willing to accept responsibility if caught. With that said I truly believe that for the illegals that have been here for long periods of time and have proven that they will make good citizens should be give a chance to apply for citizenship (not deported). My daughter's stepsister's husband lived in this country for…

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  • Growing up American

    | Anonymous

    I share your sentiments Jose because I too have lived your journey. I came to New York at the age of 15 and lived there undocumented until I was 32 years old. I did everything American children were doing. I enrolled in high school and did well. I went to college and earned an AA and BA. I worked and worked very hard and never asked for any handouts.…

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