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  • Define American

    | Anonymous

    I was brought to this country from Mexico at eight years old with my parents seeking a better life of opportunity for myself and my 3 brothers and sister. Almost 20 years later, I have been blessed enough to be able to complete a Bachelors degree, begin a career, own a house... despite my undocumented status - the "American dream" right? I married my husband for all the right…

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  • The documented one

    | Anonymous

    I legally came to the US 13 years ago with my husband, who was transferred here to work as a software engineer when Silicon Valley did not have enough skilled workers to attend demand. We brought with us our 3 year-old son, and later had another son, who was born here.

    Because we have always been here working for big companies, getting our Green Cards and later the…

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  • Breathing

    | Anonymous

    When I was I kid I used to practice holding my breath as a game. I would try to see how long I could last and then try to go even longer. One time I lasted a minute and a half, it felt as though a hammer was beating my lungs.

    I never imagined that I would be holding my breath for twenty years. I was always aware…

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  • Another face of Immigration

    | Anonymous

    When I was a young girl in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, we had a gardener with the name of Herminio, He loved to work the soil and take care of the plants. Herminio was shy, not very educated man and had a hard time expressing himself. But every year Herminio went to work in the “pizca” or crop harvest in California.

    Immigration caught him many times, and as…

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  • Dismissed: A Human Perspective

    | Brian Kim

    Having lived in California my entire life, the issue of immigration reform has been a touchy subject for Californians and Americans alike in addressing the illegal immigration that is taking place along the US-Mexico border today. But these “illegals” are not too far from my story of being a first generation immigrant. In 1986, the Reagan administration granted my parents, South Korean immigrants, amnesty for permanent residence and therefore…

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