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  • Immigration: Cuba to NYCity in 1946

    | Anonymous

    I was 3 when my parents emigrated to this country, with my grand-uncle's sponsorship from the USA. We had to go through tough physical exams, have a "sponsor" (who put money in the bank for us) and my father had to have a job and we also had to have a place to live. My grand uncle had left Cuba earlier and had paved the way for us to…

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  • My America

    | Linda Henning

    My family has lived in America for many generations.Family and freedom are the most important things about America as far as I am concerned although I sometimes believe that we have lost many of the freedoms that we had when I was growing up.I grew up in and now live in the midwest.We were farmers,cattle-raisers and truck drivers along with other things We were never wealthy people but never…

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  • American!

    | Anonymous

    How would I describe what American means.To me its an honor.Its a bunch of immagrants who found a land and decided to make a better life for them and their kids.So the tracks have been layed,and years later here we are decideing,whos American and who isnt.Being American isnt something u decide to be but whats inside you.To built a better life for yours and to help make our country…

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  • American by Water, Blood, and Desire

    | Anonymous

    Most of my ancestors came to American by 1700. So you could say they were American by crossing the waters of the ocean. My grandfather always said, when our ancestors came across the ocean, the other half were here to meet them. This half were the Cherokee people who intermarried with them.

    Then during the Revolutionary War, many of my ancestors were patriots who pledged their blood for…

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  • We are all descendants of immigrants.

    | Jerry Moler

    My ancestors first came here in 1750 from Germany. If any American traces their ancestry they will find their family immigrated to this country from somewhere else including those we consider as American Indians. Their ancestors also came here from other lands. What we really need is a better, faster way for people to come here legally. America is the melting pot of the world. It is that which…

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