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  • Empowering My Peers

    | Anonymous

    They say the promise of equal opportunity remains deep in America's heartland. I am part of the sixth generation on my family's dairy farm, carved from the Wisconsin wilderness in 1850 by my German ancestors. They, like other immigrants lured by fertile soil and opportunity, had a dream. In the United States, the right to higher education equips men and women of every race, ethnicity, religion, and social status…

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  • My Mom, War Hero

    | Liz Hrenda

    Mom arrived in New York from Holland at 2 years old with her parents and brother. She became a nurse. Like many immigrants, in WWII she volunteered to serve. In the Army Nurse Corps, she tended to wounded soldiers and the survivors of the Holocaust at Ebensee prison camp. She was awarded the Bronze Star for dedication to her patients when her field hospital was bombed. She's on the…

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  • Child of Immigrants, Sharer of Opportunity

    | Anonymous

    My father and my father-in-law were both born in Germany. My mom and mother-in-law were both born here but there parents were Slavic immigrants. As children my husband and I were taught that with hard work we could achieve anything so he became an attorney and I became a teacher.

    In my public school job I taught English to Mexican immigrants. Now that I'm retired I have a…

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  • My home...

    | Christian Guillen

    Just an undocumented young man; one who has never lived in the country of their birth. If I am told to "go home," well, I reply that I have always been home. I only ask for a chance to be accepted into my culture; my country; my home. I hope, soon, that I may be as free as a bird. "I know why the caged bird sings..." -Maya Angelou

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  • The Dream Continues To Be Woven

    | Anonymous

    As a child growing up in farm county in Santa Cruz, California, I saw the trucks carrying the "braceros" to the fields. We drove past the shanties fieldworkers lived in, saw their laundry flying in the wind, saw the cars lined up in the fields as people picked strawberries, harvested brussel sprouts and lettuce, all backbreaking daylong. I heard people on the school bus call their children "beaners."

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