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  • My Husband and Loving Father will Be Leaving

    | Anonymous

    To me American means family. I wish those in congress would feel the same.

    My husband came here illegally when he was in his teens with his parents. My husband graduated from high school here and also went to college. We have a good life. We have a daughter who is 3 today and my older daughter from a previous relationship will be 11soon. My 11yr old doesn't…

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  • The American Dream

    | Anonymous

    America is the land of opportunity, where you can come from nothing and establish and achieve a great life full of wealth. America wouldn't be what it is today without immigrants, and they continue to shape the American culture for better or for worse. Immigrants come to America everyday trying to make money in order to provide for their family, and many call this place their home, and are…

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  • Americans Defined.

    | Anonymous

    America is a place where freedom and opportunity's are vast. Foreigners immigrate to the United States in search of a safer, more reliable lifestyle. America is special because people have so many freedoms and undoubtedly the United States is a very safe place. Many Americans share the same values which are wanting to be successful, people want a stress free life where they make a good income that can…

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  • Coming Home

    | Anonymous

    November 16,2011 Coming Home By: Suzan Jane Piqueras I am American Citizen who decided to move to the US with my husband and my four kids. I came alone in the year 2000. It took me 2 years to be able to bring my husband and 18 year old daughter and 5 years to get green cards for my sons because they were over 21 years old. This to…

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  • Your Actions Make You American.

    | Jeremy Cook

    American is not just a word to profile someone who has citizenship but what someone has done for their country. For example someone who has served in the Military has earned the right to be an American regardless of your race. If your have a job that contribute to society then you have the right to call yourself an American. If you put others before yourself and don't feel…

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