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  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    | Anonymous

    Gareth Kelly, a small business owner in San Luis Obispo, is more than meets the eye. His journey began with a J-1 visa, and later an H1-B visa, which allowed him to work in the United States after traveling from England. When the business he was working for suddenly closed shop during the Recession, Kelly was shocked that he was not legally able to transfer his visa to another…

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  • Maria Burns

    | Anonymous

    American is not define by a geographic situation, is define by who they are, an American is someone who follow his/her dreams, who is fearless and persistent, who do the best for him/herself and others, someone who makes a difference in this world, doesn't matter if is just a little contribution, we together can make a difference.

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  • Ashley O'Kurley

    | Anonymous

    I am enormously sympathetic to immigrants and I applaud the effort to include all perspectives. I look like a stereotypical "all-American" -- played football in college, leader in my Fraternity, established in the financial profession, pro-business outward-looking worldview, etc. But I have been struggling for five years in the Labor Certification process trying to get my Green Card.

    I think that a light needs to be…

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  • An Opportunity, Not a Threat

    | Anonymous

    The Definition of American to me signifies the privilege to have equal rights to happiness and betterment of living conditions. Having citizenship or other legal adjustments should not impact my image towards society.

    Some Americans shatter the definition of being "American" Regardless of ethnicity or race, immigrants are an opportunity not a threat. The world has grown too materialistic and will be tired of money and power. I…

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  • Juan Ibarra

    | Anonymous

    American is everyone who supports the development of this nation. It is not dictated by a document or SSN. It is defined by the sacrifices, sweat, social responsibility and contribution from those who believe in this land.

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