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My Dreamer and I

| Anonymous

I met the love of my life in high school. We both played soccer and excelled at school. After he graduated he had plans to go to college and become an engineer. He even had a full ride to a major university! That was all taken away from him when officials discovered he was undocumented. Maybe that was the best thing though, because shortly after we started dating in November of 2005, almost seven years later, we are married and have a one year old son. I cannot imagine life without him! We have started a new journey towards him becoming a legal resident. It involves him leaving his family, returning to Mexico, and receiving a ten year ban from America. I submitted a petition for him to return to the United States, but it is not guaranteed. Currently our family is apart while we wait on the government to review our petition. I am so grateful that we have this route available to us. MOST undocumented people do not and it is not fair! Why would our country turn away millions of kids who did nothing wrong and only want to contribute to America? Why?
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