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Long 6 years without my husband and boys without their father!

Greenwood, IN | Margaret Soto

hi my name is margaret soto or peggy is what everyone calls me. here is my story. my husband was caught here in the us in august of 2oo5. he was given 2 choices to either leave voluntarily or they would deport him unvoluntarily..he chose to go voluntarily. we were told he would be able to return back here to me and our boys in 6 to 9 months. but they fail to tell you of all the things that needs to be done for him to return.i was able to get help through a christian legal clinic to get his i 130 application approved for his visa but then they could no longer help as to their means were limited to ask what they could do. i could not find any other legal place to help for free...i just do not have the money for a good lawyer.which is really what i need. but over a year ago it was time for me to have a sponsor for him. but i can not find one. i just do not have anyone who can do this. and they said i cannot sponsor him.. i guess the sponsor has to make 25 to 40 thousand a year to sponsor someone. since then because our case has been so called abondoned because it was a year that had went by. because i could not find a sponsor. now they say i have to start from the very beginning again. paying the application fees all over again and yet still needing a sponsor. this just is not fair at all! only for this is why our boys have not been with their father for almost 6 years now. my husband is a good man and father and wants to be here so bad with me and our boys. we haven't even been able to go see him because it is so expensive for passports and plane tickets and things. and to still keep up on rent and life here is just impossible. i miss him and need him here so much to help raise our boys do not understand why their daddy can not be here. they think he doesn't want to be with them. i have tried to explain to them.but they still just do not understand. our boys were 3 years old and 5 months old when my husband had to return to honduras. now they are 6 and 9 years old. is there any possible way you can help with a sponsor? or possibly help with reuniting us with him even just to visit with him? thank you so much! 

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