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What is in the melting pot?

Dallas, TX | Lucy Bocanegra Flores

No one ever really talks about what is in the Great American Melting Pot. I am here to tell you it is beans! We got black beans, lima, pinto, red, green, white! Each bean I mentioned you know represents a natonality. What a great pot we got brewing. Now that I got your attention, let me tell you the questions polititians should be asking and addressing. We should as legal Americans question the contributions that immigrants bring in to the country, legal or not. We should ask about the taxes that un-documented workers pay and never file a return for. Sales Taxes....they pay them. They buy and consume. The Social Security money that is collected and never paid out to the actual people contributing in to the social security system. Where is that money going? If deportations continue and families are seperated, where do you think that money spent here will go to? When the child that was born here to an undocumented person, and they return legally to the United States....more likely they will be sending money back to family in another country. How do you define American? If we were to order the transcripts to the deportation trial my father would serve a a good example. The Judge spoke to my Father from the heart. He knew my father had a court appointed lawyer who was new to the system. He knew my father while a hard working business owner would not understand the legal he told him in plain english. "You are not a citizen and your residency has been taken away. Due to the laws in place, you have been adviced to voluntarly leave the country versus me sentencing you to be deported. ou lived here many years as a legal resident and failed to become a U.S. Citizen, but by your actions are more of a citizen than any other natural born citizen. You stand there with your head held up so proudly and accept what the outcome of our laws bring to you and I must commend you Mr. Bocanegra and I am sorry but it is the law." I do not lie to you. The court reporter and the Balif wre in tears. My Mom who had suffered a massive stroke that left her paralized and unable to speak gestured a Thank You to the judge nd my speech to plea with the judge landed not on empty ears, nor cold hearts but on the laws of immigration that only see black and white not wrong or right. My father was stripped of his green card due to pleaing NO CONTEST for a charge and in immigration law it is like admitting guilt, so my father was denied access to the swearing in of citizenship. He came worked hard, [paid taxes, established 3 business, bought property, sold property and had and raised children here that still inspite of the injustice...believe in the American Dream, The American Way and the American Government because that is what it is to be an be proud and glad to have the opportunities that so many take for granted. Being American is not only a priviledge it is a responsibility. Our responsibility is to pursuit happiness and have the right to do so. History tends to repeat itself. During the GREAT DEPRESSION many deportations took place. It did not solve the problem, it contributed to it. The same thing is happening now and the American Government is too arogant to accept it is making a mistake by not addressing the issue head on.

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