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They call us criminals but we've done nothing wrong

| Anonymous

I'm an undocumented immigrant ,yet I have a 4.0 honor student in college. Yes College, how I pay for school when I can't even get a loan easy Wend-Sunday I work from 4:30 pm till 4:30 am none stop. I attend class like anybody else I buss my ass studying working and making ends meet for my family. Im the second child of five. Giving up for me is not an option I keep hoping one day the usa will open their eyes and see what potential all undocumented students have. I dont know how much more I can take of this after I finish college I will have a piece of paper that wont serve me well if I cant get a job because I dont have a social and when I applied for a social they dont even give me hope but the lawyers happily take the money what can we do when we have done nothing wrong. Our parents brought us here for a better life but now looking back I dont see how we have it better here when we suffer opression every day when we have to fight harder than anybody else just to make ends meet. Please help pass the dream act that's my only hope.
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