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Defining American

| Anonymous

If I got technical, I'd have to say an American is anyone born in the United States, Mexico, North, Central or South America. My history teacher in High School back in the late 80's told me that "my people" needed to wake up. I did not idetify myself as "those people" I felt I was "AMERICAN" and had nothing to worry about when it came to immirgation or it's laws. Boy was I wrong and I wish that Mr Nulisch of Sunset High School was still alive, so I could go back and pick his brain about how he finished the rest of his statement. "Wake up and realize that this is the Americas and the United States is very much part of it. If you all made claims to you indegenious roots, you should have no borders, it's a law and your people in Mexico should wake up." I never once thought immirgration would effect me, until I realized that laws change and if you are just a resident have no protection. Now there is even laws that want to strip people of their citizenship if they were naturalized. Being American is allowing people to pursue happiness. This country was based on that truth. This country was built on people who mirgated here many years ago and the system has not improved much if anything it has got worse. Immirgants contribute to the economy. We benifit from having a gorip of migrant workers paying taxes here. Using services and goods here. Buying products to ship back home. It baffles me why our goverment don't see the benifits of trying to address the immigration problem. Sad to say, but event he criminal immigrants contribute to our system, not that I am saying they are criminals....but try researching into the Texas Department of Corrections and how many illegals it has in prison and what charges and sentences they recieved. MODERN DAY SLAVERY is all that comes to mind because they are not in there laying there sleeping... American to me is a "respondsibily more than it is a privlidge. It is the responsibilty to be humane to people who are ready to serve this country if given the chance!"
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