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A hard choice

Ponca City, OK | Kelsey W

Four generations ago two German brothers Ernest and Herman, 15 and 17 years old, left everything they knew and everyone they loved in order to avoid the draft of the Germa army, and to find a better life in America. They stowed away on a ship, trekked across the country and then in 1893 took part in the largest land run in history. This sounds like a book or movie, but its not. My grandparents still live on the farm staked by my great great grandpa Ernest. What relevance does this have today? I owe my whole life to an immigrant. So, that was a hundred years what? People want better for their families, better for their children. That hasn't changed. They deserve the chance to try. Do it legally? yes. But we can't make it so difficult. The DREAM act NEEDS to happen! America is and has always been a place to write your own story and give a man the chance to change his stars. The day that an immigrant is no longer welcome in this country is the day the American dream will die.

Let's Talk.

It's time for a new conversation about immigration in America, and it starts with us.

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