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Brooklyn, NY | Roy Naim

My name is Roy Naim. I am 28 years old, work from home doing marketing consultant and focusing on the path of life coaching and beyond. I came to this country from Israel at the age of 4.

Admittedly, we came here on a visiting visa, but for some reason my parents overstayed the visit without going through the legal process. They originally came here to achieve the American Dream only to realize that we don't accept immigrant so easily.

Growing up, I was a regular kid. I was top of the class. The smart kid. I ended up being the popular guy, student body President, even valedictorian (though my grammar did suck) and enjoyed my time in school by helping others. How? You know, the good ole' tutoring younger students and being the voice of the students to the teachers.

It was all good...though there was a few things I just didn't understand. Why didn't my parents have a real job? Why can't I go to the doctor? When we went to the doctor why did we pay cash instead of having insurance. When I was 16/17...I couldn't drive. I don't have a social security number, hell, I don't exist. Why? I couldn't attend college because I just couldn't afford it then, and financial aid was out of the question. Did I mention I don't even have a bank account, credit card...I really don't exist. Travel the world like my friends way!

This is when I started learning that I am what is called an "illegal immigrant". Someone who doesn't belong in this country. But don't I? I have volunteered for 8 years at a non profit, visiting kids with cancer at the hospital few times a week, arranging trips for these kids and their families. Becoming an event coordinator for the organization and head staff for their summer camps. I make a difference in those kids lives.

Because I couldn't attend school nor could I have a real job, I decided to create my own opportunity under my father's name who is recently a permanent resident along with my mother. I started studying internet marketing and now offer what I learned and deem practical to small businesses helping them succeed. I make a difference in small businesses lives. Life coaching. What I LOVE. To create a breakthrough for people. Like Tony Robbins. I went to study the topic and for the past few years many people attribute their success to our time together. Shall I go on? I am an American. Not documented but for what American means to this country, it is someone who truly helps others to become their best. To go out and achieve their dreams. Now I have a few more dreams to achieve. Would love to have a talk show. Would love to run for political office. Would love to continue to make a difference in a bigger way. And it is not just me but the millions of undocumented Americans. Time for the DREAM Act to be passed. It is time for America to allow more Americans.

Let's Talk.

It's time for a new conversation about immigration in America, and it starts with us.

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