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Stand with Bambadjan Bamba

Hollywood, join the fight and stand with immigrants in the industry

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It’s time for Hollywood to join this conversation about immigrants, DACA, and citizenship. Today, actors, producers, writers and executives all have a chance to do so.


Bambadjan Bamba is an actor and filmmaker who immigrated from the Ivory Coast with his family fleeing political persecution in 1992. He learned English by listening to hip-hop greats like Biggie Smalls and watching cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Upon finding out that he was undocumented as a high school senior, Bambadjan worked his way through drama school without any financial aid. Since then, he’s qualified for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and worked his way up in Hollywood. He is now a series regular on NBC’s The Good Place and has a role in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Black Panther.


When the Trump administration announced they would be repealing the DACA program, Bambadjan decided he could no longer stay silent. He’s now working with Define American to share his story in hopes of shedding more light on America’s outdated and dysfunctional immigration system.


Add your name to those who want Hollywood to stand with immigrants like Bambadjan Bamba in the industry and join the fight.

There are so many immigrants who work in Hollywood... Hollywood has an opportunity to make a real change.

Bambadjan Bamba