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Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice

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We really need to be talking about this question of citizenship, which I think is huge. And I feel like what Black folks are fighting for in this moment is what we’ve been fighting for the whole time, which isn’t citizenship like papers but it’s citizenship like dignity—like humanity.

Alicia Garza, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter

In America, immigrant justice has always been inextricably linked to racial justice. From its beginnings, the founders of this country limited citizenship to “free white people.” In the 1960s, Black civil rights activists won protections based on race and national origin, inspiring Congress to open up immigration to people from all over the world. And today, Black and brown people are disproportionately targeted by police and by deportation forces, and Asian and Latinx people are seen as permanently foreign. Without racial justice, there cannot be justice in our immigrant communities.

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We are here today because Black people have stood up for their rights in every generation of this young nation’s history.

Why Immigrant Justice is Racial Justice

As an organization rooted in immigrant freedom, we know it is our responsibility to look at the world through a lens of racial equity. To learn more about the ways that Define American is helping change the narrative, you can:

Make sure to follow Black-led immigrant justice organizations like UndocuBlack Network, Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), and Black Immigrant Collective to stay engaged with their work; and visit Movement for Black Lives for resources, events, and actions.

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