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Black Panther Pride

The story of Black Panther is a story of Black identity. The mythos of Wakanda is an alternative vision of the African Diaspora, one that calls us to see Black people as heroes and their deeds – including the act of migration – as heroic.

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Black Panther
is Undocumented

Black Panther’s comic book storyline “The Man Without Fear”  was published in 2011 — but it couldn’t be more relevant to today’s political climate. In the comics, T’Challa acquires forged immigration papers and assumes a new identity, “Mr. Okonkwo,” an immigrant from the Democratic Republic of Congo who owns a small diner in New York City. He does this to supplant Daredevil’s role as the protector of the neighborhood known as Hell’s Kitchen.

So an undocumented Black immigrant superhero really breaks the mold, in 2011 — a year before the DACA program was announced.