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A Dream, Deferred Indefinitely

My grandmother carried me into this country at age of 3 in 1991. You can say I am American, I just don’t have the papers to prove it. My grandmother and I have been living in this country the same amount of years and yet somehow through the deliberate activism of young immigrant activists, I was granted the right to work lawfully and advance in my career. My grandmother wasn’t as lucky.

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Social Justice & Entertainment Industry Leaders Head To Charlotte For Film Festival

Dolores Huerta to Speak at Define American Film Festival

Legendary activist Dolores Huerta will be joining us for opening night of the Define American Film Festival, on May 11 in Charlotte, NC.

Define American Announces Second Annual Define American Film Festival

Three-day-long Gathering Focused on Intersectionality in Film Will Take Place May 11-13 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Browser extension replaces the word "immigrants" with "people"

The free tool forces you to recognize the humanity of individuals often targeted for scapegoating by politicians and hate groups.

10 Undocumented Artists You Should Know (and Support)

These artists will be performing with many others at "We Never Needed Papers to Thrive: An Undocumented Art Showcase" Friday, February 17 at the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory in Los Angeles.

Watch the lumber ad too controversial for TV

See what awaits this family.

Which Super Bowl ad defined "American?"

There were two visions of the American journey in Budweiser and 84 Lumber ads. Which one was American?

Go home? Immigrants are saying "#ImAlreadyHome."

It's no secret that immigrants, and people of Latinx heritage, are being treated differently these days. So we've created a list of some of the best ways that people have shown the world why they are proud to call this country home.

If DACA is repealed what should I do?

10 questions for brave journalists 📝

Our Holiday Gift – Of Conversation

Political and cultural conversations with family can often be uncomfortable, it’s no secret that many of us have vastly different views. But just because we don’t see eye to eye, doesn’t mean we can’t have thoughtful and constructive conversation.

Culture Change Convening at Ford Foundation

Define American Announces First-Ever Annual Define American Awards

How to Have a Healthy Conversation About Immigration This Thanksgiving

Your ability to challenge misinformation about immigrants will affect their viewpoint, and ultimately, our country's trajectory, for years to come.

What makes for a "good immigrant"?

The pressure to be a good citizen when you aren’t one. An #EmergingUS production.