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5 Conversations You Should Have this Week

Immigration is often a top-of mind issue, but it's not always on the tips of our tongues. Sometimes, we need a little help getting started. 

Despite what the media would have you believe, immigration isn’t really ALL about politics. It's about how real people live, work and thrive together. It's about ALL of us – and we should be comfortable talking about it. 

All these conversations are happening here: www.causes.com/defineamerican – with our partners at Causes. So lets dive in!

1.     What is 'keeping families together' all aboutAn estimated 16.6 million people live in "mixed-status" households where there is at least one undocumented family member. That is about 1 out of every 18 people in the United States. 

2.     Immigration is part of ALL our histories. It’s important to note that at the turn of the century when large numbers of Europeans came to the United States via Ellis Island, there wasn’t an equal requirement for papers. And at the time new Americans faced much of the same discrimination people face today. We have to learn from history, to be on the just side of it.

3.     "Illegal?" No. Time to Drop the "I" wordDescribing an immigrant as “illegal” is legally inaccurate, dehumanizing and racially charged. Actions may be illegal, but not people. No human being is illegal. 

4.     "Undocumented" or "Ally" – we're all Americans. More and more undocumented Americans are feeling comfortable about "coming out" – as so many young DREAM activists already have. Similarly, immigrant allies – the teachers, pastors, HR managers and others who support and care about undocumented Americans should come out too. We want to hear stories about how people value and care about the well-being and full civic participation of their fellow undocumented Americans who are aspiring citizens.

5.     Small Steps, Big Wins! The first step is easy: just join in and and listen to the conversation. And additional steps after that will be easier still.  Come join us on Causes – where it's easy to participate and share videos and quick facts no matter where you are in the conversation. 
















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