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Alex: Inability To Trust People Left Him Scarred

I was sent to the US when I was eleven, also being told that I would be visiting Disneyland. I never had a driver's license nor a social security number. During high school and college, I had to work multiple jobs in the kitchens of local restaurants to pay for my tuition because only those places would pay me in cash. I told everyone that I was a Foreign Student so I would appear legal even though I could not work legally. For over 12 years, I did not see my dad because he could not obtain a visitor visa to the US, while I could not risk leaving the country. I remember constantly lying to people about why I did not apply for a driver's license or why I could not visit places like Canada and Mexico. Lying was such a pain. I hated myself for compulsively lying, but was absolutely powerless about it. The lingering fear of being discovered and the inability to trust people also left me permanently scarred.


from Alex
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