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Can We Give Your Commitment to Stephen Colbert on Thursday?

Just over two weeks ago we set out to change the conversation about immigration in this country, and against the odds, we are actually succeeding. Now it's time to get even more active – and our small team at Define American is going to need your help to do so.

We need YOU to reach out into your community and talk about the personal issues of immigration, especially with people who would not otherwise discuss it, or with people who do not agree with you.|Start an Online Petition »

Almost 10,000 people have already committed to having these conversations, and our goal is to reach 25,000 by this Thursday, July 14th, where Jose will announce our collective commitment on The Colbert Report – during an episode fully devoted to immigration and DREAMers.

Will you sign and share the pledge with five people today?

In order to fulfill the pledge we're also asking all of us to consider hosting small watch parties to get together and "watch" the Colbert Report Thursday night, and most importantly have these needed conversations. 

You can sign up to host one, or find one near you here:

This is just the beginning, my friends. Throughout the summer and fall, this conversation is going to continue shaping the way more and more Americans think and feel about our immigration system – and it will all be thanks to you and this movement.


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