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Define American To Launch National Campaign To Fight For Scholarship Equality

The #Scholarships4All pledge campaign pressures those who fund college scholarships to offer them to all students, regardless of citizenship status.

Nebraska –  Today Define American, in collaboration with our chapters program, will launch a #Scholarships4All pledge campaign to pressure those who fund college scholarships to truly offer them to all American students who meet the criteria, regardless of citizenship status. We are calling for funders and undocumented students as well as their peers and allies to take the pledge and stand in solidarity as advocates for equality of educational opportunities for all.

Who: Jose Antonio Vargas and Define American Chapters Leaders

What: Nebraska Civil Rights Conference Keynote and #Scholarships4All Campaign Launch

When: 2:45 PM, Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Where: Innovation Campus Auditorium, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2021 Transformation Dr., Lincoln, NE 68508

If you are interested in interviewing Jose Antonio Vargas for this event please call Valeria Rodriguez at (402) 480-5403

PLEDGE: In the 21st century, many Americans still experience dramatic differences in access to education. Higher education is the key for many young people to pursue their dreams and serve their communities, but undocumented Americans continue to be barred from applying for most types of financial assistance for college.

Join us if you believe in equality of education for all Americans regardless of status.

Check any boxes that apply to you:

As a scholarship funder, I pledge to only support scholarships and institutions that make monies available to all Americans, regardless of citizenship status.

As an undocumented student, I pledge to apply to scholarships that I am eligible for, even if they currently require citizenship.

As an ally, I believe that all Americans should have access to higher education, regardless of citizenship status, and will support my undocumented peers as they apply for aid.

ABOUT DEFINE AMERICAN: Define American is the nation’s leading nonprofit media organization that fights injustice and anti-immigrant hate through the power of storytelling. Through event curation, media consulting and creation, and grassroots organizing, Define American jumpstarts widespread culture change around citizenship, race, and identity in a changing America. It was founded in 2011 by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas. For more information, visit


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