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Defining American Runs Deeper than Documentation

What defines us as Americans runs deeper than documentation. We are excited today to help lead a renewed conversation about the innumerable ways new American immigrants make our communities richer and more vibrant.

Migration in these United States is not about borders and a vague notion of "immigrants;" it is about building families, building businesses, and building a thriving and wonderfully diverse active citizenry, which will continue to strengthen our country through the 21st century. 

The road to making immigration work for us all must include the voices of new American immigrants and those who work with them daily: school teachers, human resource managers in businesses, faith leaders, and neighbors. It is time for a return to  the values of openness, generosity, and care for each other that America was founded on – seeking first to open our doors and help new Americans flourish, not keep them out. These values must be reflected in practice and in law. 

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