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Maryam Faridani

New media artist

Meet 2020 Define American Artist Fellow Maryam Faridani! Maryam Faridani is an Iranian artist currently living in Chicago. By using moving images, installations and performance, Maryam tries to explore how technologies today lead to creation and maintenance of a particular set of social conditions as the environment of that technical system. Humor is an important aspect of Maryam’s work as Maryam finds it to be an effective way to talk about matters that are usually dark and bitter.

💻 What artists are inspiring you these days?⁣
Saint Hoax and Meriem Bennani.⁣ ⁣

Maryam at the bottom of a steep staircase.

💻 What’s a risk you’ve taken lately?⁣
If it counts, going down the stairs. Because I fell and injured my tailbone, that made me think every step could be a potential risk!⁣ ⁣

A blue image of a large eye gazing down at a rumpled bed.

💻 When you’re having a bad day, what do you do?⁣
I try not to do anything and just lie down and observe my feelings. ⁣ ⁣

💻 What is your greatest extravagance?⁣
I really don’t think I have one…⁣ ⁣

💻 What music artist do you have on repeat right now?⁣
Hayedeh⁣ ⁣

💻 What was the last book/movie you read/watched?⁣
Last book was Infinite Jest. Last movie, The Fireman’s Ball.⁣ ⁣

💻 What’s a book you would recommend?⁣
Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right⁣ ⁣

💻 What’s your favorite color?⁣
I loved blue as a kid and never thought about it since. So, I guess still blue.⁣ ⁣

💻 What is something bringing you joy right now?⁣
The warm weather that finally got to Chicago!⁣ ⁣

💻 What advice do you have for young people who are pursuing an artistic practice?⁣
It’s really important to enjoy every step of it, so don’t force yourself. Well, force yourself to practice daily, but don’t limit your creativity to a medium, style, etc. ⁣

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