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How Likely Is It That 2nd Chance Asylum Applications Will Be Granted?

Breaking news from late last night: the government is entering into a settlement with a federal judge that would eventually allow families separated at the U.S. Mexico Border to re-apply for asylum. While this is a welcome step forward and a victory for organizations advocating for families, some big questions remain.


  • Some migrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border may be given a second chance to claim asylum under a settlement agreement reached late Wednesday between the Trump administration and lawyers representing the parents. The settlement is pending approval by a federal judge.
  • It leaves open the possibility that some parents deported without their children can return to the United States.  NBC News previously reported that parents felt pressured to drop their asylum cases and be deported in order to see their children again.
  • Define American launched a “Week of Witness” on September 7th, since then many have participated across the country in dozens of actions and events calling for the administration to immediately #ReuniteEveryChild.
  • In a powerful show of support, Americans have been singing lullabies online to lift up the humanity of these families. As of today, over 400 children remain separated from their parents from separations under the zero-tolerance policy, and 12,800, a record, children are in detention.

Questions That Every Journalist Should Be Asking

  • If a family is allowed to apply for asylum, how likely is it that the administration will accept their asylum request? What is the current rate of approval for this administration?

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