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How to be an Ally for Your Undocumented Friends & Family this Weekend



Reach out. Amidst hate, let them know they are loved by using #ToImmigrantsWithLove.


Be prepared. Make sure everyone in the community has resources like these:


Tweeting isn’t enough. The burden of bearing injustice can’t be carried only by those being oppressed; we must be a voice of reason and awakening to our own communities of privilege. As news breaks re: ICE raids and kids concentrated in detention camps, have tough convos in church pews and dining room tables with family about the values we think define American.


People are more than their status. Amidst fear, welcoming space for joy can be good for mental health and showcases strength & resilience. Share the #UndocuJoy.


Show up to reclaim the moral narrative of our nation. Be a prophetic voice.


When you see defamation or media parroting fear, dehumanizing language or headlines tag @defineamerican and use #WordsMatter or #SourcesMatter. Call on your local press to cover not just the fear and chaos of @POTUS trying rev up his base for political gain in 2020, but the abundance brought by newcomers and how bonded new Americans are to their communities.


Join the movement to define American as an inclusive nation, where no matter the circumstances in which you were born, no matter your race, religion or ideology, you have a place to belong and to dream. 

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