What do Jose, Bill O’Reilly, and Mike Huckabee agree on?

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New people have to be engaged in order to have a more productive conversation on immigration. In Jose Antonio Vargas' words:

"Every morning, when I get up and have my first of too many coffees, I tell myself this: I gotta stop preaching to the choir and talk to people who may not agree with me."

Along those lines…

WATCH: Jose Antonio Vargas on the Bill O' Reilly show (FOX):




Jose also went on conservative radio this week. He tweets about his Huckabee Radio appearance:

On 's radio show right now: he tells me he agrees with President Obama's policy to stop deporting

It appears that O'Reilly, Huckabee, and Jose all agree on some basic elements of immigration reform. Is this, as some argue, a turning point?

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