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Nadia: May Not See Her Children Grow Up

My husband and I are currently trying to get me a visa and for that, I'll have to visit Mexico and risk getting the 10 year ban.

We're postponing the process (yet once again) because our baby is due in August and I can't stand the thought of taking a 3-month old to Ciudad Juarez. My 15 month old daughter will have to stay as well. I pray every day that I'll have my visa waiver approved and only have to leave them behind for 3 months.

It seems immigration reform is hopeless. It also feels that my visa will never happen. I've graduated from college with honors and great recommendations, and even better job offers, but my professional life is stuck until something happens. I never imagined I'd be unemployed, I've worked SO hard but well, same old story.


from Nadia
submitted to Define American on June 28, 2011 at 18:38

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