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A Dream, Deferred Indefinitely

My grandmother carried me into this country at age of 3 in 1991. You can say I am American, I just don’t have the papers to prove it. My grandmother and I have been living in this country the same amount of years and yet somehow through the deliberate activism of young immigrant activists, I was granted the right to work lawfully and advance in my career. My grandmother wasn’t as lucky.

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Define American Launches #FactsMatter Campaign

Virtual Resource Room for Journalists Intended to Facilitate More Accurate Reporting on Immigration

Why aren't they "terrorists"?

If a person is violent, with the intention of scaring a group of people based on idealogical grounds, are they not a terrorist? Why are we reluctant to call these men terrorists, even when that is the very crime they are accused of?

Define American to Present First-Ever Comedy Night Hosted by Cristela Alonzo

All-Immigrant Comedian Lineup Includes Tamer Kattan, Maeve Higgins, Negin Farsad and an Unannounced Guest.

Sophie Cruz, age 6, asks the presidential candidates to answer her top-voted question at the next debate

The American public voted her question to #1 in the civil rights category on the Open Debate Coalition website; yesterday’s debate featured no questions about immigration.

Sophie Has Taken Us On Her Journey

Sophie Cruz made headlines when she delivered her message to Pope Francis. Now, Sophie is back putting pressure on the most powerful people in the world.

NBC's "Superstore" reveals that one character is undocumented

NBC broke some serious ground on the premiere of season 2 of NBC sitcom, “Superstore.” Mateo, a gay character from the Philippines, discovers that he is an undocumented immigrant. The episode "Olympics," had 10.9 million viewers, and depicted a series of storylines that were related to the Olympic games.

Inside the "Iceboxes"

Graphic images of men, women, and children in cramped and unsanitary rooms known as “hieleras,” or iceboxes, were released as part of evidence in the case of Doe v. Johnson. U.S. Customs and Border Protection rules dictate that detainees should be held for no more than 12 hours, but evidence suggests that individuals were in detention for an average of 49.9 hours

Statement by Jose Antonio Vargas, Founder of Define American, on Melania Trump

Define American has started a petition inviting Melania Trump to join our “Coming Out” campaign by sharing her own immigration story more fully with the people of her adopted home country of America, which she may one day represent to the world as our First Lady.

Define American Hires Entertainment Media Director

These Incredible Maps Illustrate our Immigrant Heritage

What language did your ancestors speak at home? If you’re a fourth generation resident of Kansas, there’s a pretty good chance that they spoke German. If you’re a fairly recent resident, maybe they speak Spanish? The following maps were uploaded to /r/MapPorn, reddit’s map enthusiast community. They bring to life the complexities of …

Jessica Diaz-Hurtado wins "USA Our Way" Contest

Jessica Diaz-Hurtado, a Washington, D.C., based multimedia artist and journalist has won the inaugural “USA Our Way” contest, sponsored by ArtChangeUs and Define American. Her prize winning video, “Mi América,” showcases a reflective spoken word piece, overlaid with footage from  North, Central and South America. Diaz-Hurtado writes, …

A CNN anchor said “illegal immigrant” on air. Here’s why that matters.

Sign the petition, and ask that CNN drop “illegal immigrant” from its editorial guidelines After the Supreme Court’s 4-4 split decision on expanded DACA and DAPA, CNN’s Don Lemon explained the significance of the verdict on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. He said, “This case was about the parents of so-called …

Statements from Define American re: United States vs. Texas

From Jose Antonio Vargas, Founder of Define American: “Among the things America, its history and its people has really taught me: You don’t give up. You move forward. You fight on. By definition, immigrants are resilient, resourceful, courageous people. We will not give up. I will not give up.” From Rev. Ryan Eller, VP of …

Mayte Lara and Larissa Martinez Define American

The first-person accounts of two graduating Texas high school seniors are changing the way people are talking about undocumented immigrants. On Friday, June 3, Mayte Lara of Crockett High School in Austin, TX tweeted that she was undocumented, as well highlighting her accomplishments: a 4.5 GPA, a full-ride scholarship to the University of Texas at …

Confronting Trump on a Megabus

This article is by Jin Park, the leader of our college chapter at Harvard University. I moved to the States with my parents when I was 7, and I have been living in NYC ever since. In 2012, I received DACA, which has done much more than allowing me to work …