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As a response to Jose Antonio Vargas' article "Not Legal Not Leaving", TIME Magazine compiled some of the positive and negative responses from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. These include comments such as: 

“I’m all for changing the immigration laws to allow more people in legally, and I empathize with those inconvenienced by the current law. However, the current law is the law and should be enforced until it’s changed…”  —Non-affiliated

“…This discussion seems to draw two kinds of people: Those who believe in a great America, and those who believe in a small, weak and threatened America. I was raised by people who believed in the greatness of this country, despite their having to fight against its injustices.” —JBfromNC 

Read the full list of responses TIME highlights here.

What do you think? Let us know what possible solutions do you envision to have a more just, efficient and fair immigration policy.

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