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Press Release: Texas Judge Rules Against Immigration Action

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For Immediate Release
February 17, 2015

Press inquiries: Maria Cruz Lee / Engagement Director
[email protected] / 347-882-3225


In response to Texas District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling to temporarily halt immigration action, Define American encourages news outlets to remain sensitive to all of the facts in the case and whenever possible, humanize coverage by highlighting stories of undocumented Americans affected by this measure. With this ruling, there is an even greater need to mitigate misconception and urge eligible applicants for the expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to continue preparing their applications.

Executive Director, Ryan Eller said: “Proponents of the lawsuit are playing partisan politics with people’s lives, and their interpretation of law is inconsistent with our heritage as a nation of immigrants. This case directly impacts people like Jose Antonio Vargas, the founder of Define American and chair of our board of directors, as well as many of the individuals represented in our videos, films, and educational initiatives.”

Given Judge Hanen’s history, yesterday’s temporary injunction came as no surprise. However, we are concerned that it will have an adverse impact on perceptions of potential deferred action recipients; immigrant parents of U.S. citizens who would be able to maintain family continuity via the DAPA and expanded DACA programs; immigrants who employ current U.S. citizens; and those who worship in our faith communities and are being educated in our schools. We are confident that the courts will ultimately side with legal scholars from across the political spectrum who agree that the immigration action will ultimately stand.

Define American is coordinating a live pool of stakeholders included in the amicus brief and organizations with constituents in the 26 states challenging President Obama’s immigration initiatives in court.

About Define American:
Define American is a media and culture organization using the power of story to transcend politics and shift conversation around immigration, immigrants, identity, and citizenship in America. It was founded by Jose Antonio Vargas in 2011, and co-founded by Jake Brewer, Jehmu Greene and Alicia Menendez. For more, visit


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