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Sarahi Salamanca's story

Sarahi Salamanca, a DREAMer, recently became a legal resident. Her first act of exercising this hard-won achievement was visiting her mother in Mexico after 10 years of separation. Eight months pregnant, she allowed two videographers to travel with her to document this incredible moment.

Family reunification is an incredibly powerful experience. This Thanksgiving, millions of Americans will gather with their friends, families and loved ones. For those trapped in our antiquated immigration system, this is not a possibility. Sarahi’s story represents the struggle of the millions of immigrants who remain separated from their families because of their legal status.

Comprehensive immigration reform would give our country’s 11.7 million undocumented immigrants the invaluable joy and happiness Sarahi experienced when finally reunited with her mother.

“My story is just one of millions of immigrants who face the pain of family separation,” said Sarahi Salamanca. “Even though it took me 10 years to see my mom and 20 years to step back into Mexico, in reality I am one of the lucky ones.  So many people go their whole lives without hugging their loved ones ever again and it’s just our broken immigration system that stands in the way.”

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