Statement on the Court of Appeals Decision to Block Parts of Alabama Law

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Today, the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta blocked parts of HB 56, a controversial anti-immigrant law in Alabama.  In response, Define American, a 501(c)3 dedicating to elevating the national discourse around immigration released this statement:

"When legislation's intended consequences include thousands of children disappearing from our schools and our nation's produce rotting on the vines because there are no hands to tend to it, therecan be no question that that legislation is deeply flawed.

As much as this law affects every undocumented American, it also forces American citizens, including our first responders, into untenable and unsafe situations.

It is our hope that this state-by-state attack on the fabric of our communities and our nation will be overcome by the hundreds of thousands of Americans who want to have a real, national conversation about our broken immigration system.

“While we applaud the Federal government for intervening in this matter,” said Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of Define American, “we only wish that they were half as good at being proactive in finding a federal solution to this federal challenge as they are at being reactive to patchwork legislation."

Vargas is headed to Alabama this weekend to continue the campaign's work in elevating the immigration conversation.




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