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Statements from Define American re: United States vs. Texas

From Jose Antonio Vargas, Founder of Define American:

“Among the things America, its history and its people has really taught me: You don’t give up. You move forward. You fight on.

By definition, immigrants are resilient, resourceful, courageous people.

We will not give up. I will not give up.”

From Rev. Ryan Eller, VP of Define American:

“As you read this, our staffers and volunteers are at the steps of the Supreme Court building with signs proclaiming “I AM AN AMERICAN” in various languages. Today’s split decision from The Supreme Court does not change the fact that a piece of paper has never been what defines American.

Photo by Julián Gómez, Define American

While today is a devastating setback for millions of undocumented Americans and their families across the country, we will continue to fight on. It is also our moral imperative to rise above partisan politics and hold Republican leaders accountable, making sure they do their constitutional duty and consider the President’s nomination to replace Justice Scalia.

As always, Define American remains dedicated to transcending politics and shifting the conversation around immigrants and citizenship in our changing America. We will continue to tell the stories of individuals and families threatened by our broken immigration system and show politicians, the media and all Americans why we need comprehensive immigration reform. We hope that others will join us in adding the pledge symbol to their profile pictures and show our unwavering and growing support for undocumented Americans.”

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