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Tell Facebook: Stop Profiting Off of Hate

Sign our petition with Free Press Action to stop anti-immigrant ads across Facebook.

Facebook must stop accepting political ads with blatantly racist and anti-immigrant messages. Join Define American and media watchdog group Free Press Action to demand that the world’s largest social network stop circulating hateful content.

Petition 👉 Tell Facebook: Stop Profiting Off of Hate

To Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

There are clear, proven connections between the manifesto of the white supremacist who murdered dozens of people in an El Paso Walmart and the language you allow Donald Trump and other politicians and nativist groups to use in ads on your platform.

You are profiting off of white-supremacist hate and putting lives in danger in the process. It’s vile and unethical and we will not continue to support a platform that profits from terror.

We demand that you put the lives and safety of migrants, asylum seekers and ultimately all people of color over your bottom line. Stop running ads that use “invasion” and “infestation” to describe immigration.

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According to Media Matters, in January and February alone, the president ran over 2,000 separate ad campaigns on Facebook wrongly suggesting that migrants and asylum seekers along the southern border were “invading” the U.S. This is the same terminology used by the white supremacist who targeted Latinos in an El Paso Walmart just a week and a half ago, killing more than 20 people and injuring dozens. It’s the same language that extreme anti-immigrant groups have been pushing for many years and the exact same language that right-wing media outlets use on a daily basis.

Facebook is helping spread dangerous propaganda that erodes who we truly are – one of the strongest and most diverse nations ever conceived.

  • The ads are factually incorrect. People are coming to the U.S., as they always have, for safety and protection, to work, and to reunite with their families. And the number of migrants at the southern border is nowhere near the number it was in the early 2000s.
  • The ads use racist language pushed by white nationalist groups, to sow fear and distrust in the American public. This clearly violates Facebook’s own advertising policies and community standards. 
  • The ads spur copycat ads. Media Matters documented at least eight other candidates or former candidates who have used similar language in ads. America’s Voice is tracking anti-immigrant ads across all media.

Words and facts matter. Millions of Americans get their news and information from Facebook on a daily basis. The company has a responsibility to protect free speech, but it also has a commitment to prevent the spread of dangerous, false information. In this case, Facebook is literally profiting from the spread of dangerous political ads.

Facebook is giving Trump and others a megaphone to reach millions of people — many of whom may not follow them and never asked to be bombarded with this toxic xenophobia.

Join us in asking Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to stop running these ads.

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