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Sometimes it feels like our elected officials are doing a whole lot of the talking and none of the listening. We started Define American as a campaign to change that, and we recently received proof that your efforts are working. 

Today, inspired by everyone who has stepped up to share their story through Define American, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada has joined our conversation! 

In his video, Senator Reid describes what he thinks of when asked to define “American:" 

“My wife’s father: born in Russia. My mother in law: Lithuanian. My grandmother (is) from England. So when we hear all this talk about immigration, and it’s not good for the country, well, it’s been good for me. And I think it’s good for the country… it sets us apart from any other country as being a country who assimilates people from other parts of the world. That’s what’s made this country great…"

And other U.S. Senators are joining the conversation too! Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado have also chimed in. 

Do you agree with Senator Reid, Menendez and Bennet? Disagree?

It's important that we make sure other national leaders continue to listen by adding more of our voices to the growing chorus of Americans — documented and undocumented alike — insisting upon a more dignified dialogue.

If you haven't already, submit a video, photo, or written story of your own here:

Honestly, it has often felt like decision makers aren't willing to join in our conversation. But now we know that they will when we share our stories effectively. It's all the more reason for us to push even harder.












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