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Would You Give Me a Ride?

Dear Friends,

Take a moment, please, to give your driver's license a warm, friendly hug.

Last night I learned that my driver's license from the state of Washington is being revoked. It's not unexpected, given how I laid out in detail how I've been able to live, work and survive as an undocumented immigrant in our country. Still, it's a sad feeling. In some ways, my driver's license has been my life line. 

As our campaign, Define American, continues to grow across the country — bringing new people into the conversation and changing the way the media talk about immigration — my small loss is a reminder of the collective struggle of thousands and thousands of other hopeful immigrants who, like me, simply want to contribute to our great country and live with dignity. 

I am sorry that I broke our laws in order to get a driver's license. As parents tell their children, "a license is a privilege." Losing that privilege is part of my facing up to what I've done. However, I believe it is a small price to pay relative to the big things we're going to do, together.

Now is the time for an honest, truthful conversation about immigration, and we need your help to do so. One of the ways we could really use your help right now is to make a contribution to Define American, which will allow us to find and share the stories of immigration that the rest of the country needs desperately to hear. 

We're a small group operating on a shoe string, and your contribution means the world to us.


Thank you so much for joining me on this journey…



P.S. If you have not done so already, please sign our petition and stand with me as we start a new conversation around immigration.




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