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Define American College Chapters are student-led initiatives to bring the conversation about immigrants and identity home to their college communities. Students receive the tools to reach out to people who have different opinions and backgrounds, and create opportunities for mutual understanding.

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Coming Out

Drawing inspiration from the LGBT movement and undocumented youth who refuse to be defined by negative, inaccurate, dehumanizing stereotypes, Define American’s “Coming Out” campaign encourages undocumented immigrants to reclaim their identity and find solidarity among a broad community of immigrants and allies.

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Immigration is perhaps the least fact-checked and – consequently – least understood issue reported on today.
And too often, stories that lack the proper statistical perspective are spread in order to enflame fear in the public.

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Let’s Talk: How have our country’s immigration laws affected you?


Words matter. Phrases like “illegal” frame the conversation, how politicians talk about the issues, and — inevitably — how policies are created.

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Define American
Film Festival

Learn about our traveling, annual film festival that explores how movements for equity and freedom ultimately rely on one another. We invite you to discover ways in which we all intersect.

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Communities are coming together to protect undocumented Americans. Sign our petitions, or start your own!

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Define American Awards

The Define American Awards honors progress made in empowering and elevating the voices of immigrants, both documented and undocumented.

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