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Songwriter inspired by love for her community

Julie Yeeun Kim’s mission and music in the heart of Los Angeles

What’s New With Define American, February 2020

Define American Undocumented Artist Fellowship Project Grants Announced

Community projects in New Orleans and California funded through the summer

Creating community through stories

Meet Lilian Shtereva, NY-based artist fellow

Embracing the process in art and community

For artist Ana Armengod, art is both creation and destruction

Sneak Peek: Latest Define American Immigrant Portrayals Research on Stage at Sundance

Full television study to be released mid-March

Organizing and art in the heart of New Orleans

Karla Rosas and Fernando Lopez: New Orleans-based visual artists documenting their community in all its complexity.

Chi-town is the heart of America and so are immigrants

Brian Herrera is a Chicago-based graphic activist who used the Define American Artist Fellowship to become a full-time artist.

What’s New With Define American, January 2020

We had a lot to celebrate in 2019! From exceeding our fundraising goals to prominent media coverage of our work, it was a year where we reached more hearts and minds than ever before. Now, as we look to the year ahead, check out all the incredible things we’ve already been up to in 2020 and everything we have coming up in the months ahead!

Art is a tool for building communities

Define American Art Fellow Elnaz Javani unites changing immigrant neighborhood with art

Party of Five premieres on Freeform this week!

Define American consulted with the writers of Freeform’s Party of Five.

What's New With Define American, December 2019

In November, we spoke with over 300 Hollywood influencers to disrupt immigrant stereotypes in film and television, celebrated the diversity and power of food to bring people together with our #UnitedPlatesofAmerica campaign, led conversations with faith groups across the country and co-curated the National Conference on Citizenship.

Introducing Christian Artega, Define American Art Fellow

Meet Christian Arteaga, a playwright, actor, and one of the incredible artist fellows chosen for the Define American Undocumented Artist Fellowship.

What's New With Define American, October 2019

In October, we got Hillary Clinton and dream hampton to join us in our campaign to #StopNormalizingHate, welcomed our first-ever Head of Research and Impact to the Define American team, continued to work with NBC on the fifth season of its hit comedy Superstore, and brought over 300 people together from across the country for our Define American Summit in Louisville, Ky.

The Tree of Life Shooting and the Connection Between Immigrant Justice and the Jewish American Experience

We can drive out white nationalism from this country and make this place truly feel like home for all.