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Our Planet, Our People

While global coverage of the climate crisis continues to rely
on numbers and policy debates, Define American is bringing you
stories that humanize the dramatic changes across Planet Earth.
From California to Caracas to Calcutta, we believe that it’s more
important than ever to uplift these stories.

Bringing movements together

Everyone who comes to America brings stories, including ways that global climate change has changed their lives. It’s only through people’s stories that we as Americans are going to start to see solutions to global climate change and its impact on humanity. We must recognize the humanity in one another to effectively combat climate change, and begin to define America as a place that welcomes those who are fleeing its horrors.

That’s why we are sharing these stories.

We intend to highlight the stories of climate refugees, indigenous environmental activists, and immigrant climate activists. At the center of this campaign lies this core belief: there is no true environmental justice without immigrant and indigenous justice as well.

Watch “We Rise,” a documentary short on indigenous climate activist Xiye Bastida, co-directed by Define American and Teen Vogue.

Check out #OurPlanetOurPeople on Twitter and Instagram to read more stories about climate refugees and indigenous & immigrant environmental activists.

"Earth is our home. It gives you air, water, and shelter. Everything we need. All it asks is that we protect it." — Xiye Bastida Patrick, 17-year-old climate justice activist

“The biggest misconception that we have about climate change is that it’s long-distance, in the future... it’s something that’s happening but it doesn’t affect us right now. And I think that’s completely wrong.” — Lucky Tran, March for Science

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