Our Planet, Our People: The Climate Justice and Immigrant Freedom Movements - Define American

Our Planet, Our People

The climate justice and immigrant freedom movements, together

Lucky Tran

“The biggest misconception that we have about climate change is that it’s long-distance, in the future... it’s something that’s happening but it doesn’t affect us right now. And I think that’s completely wrong.” — Lucky Tran, March for Science

Bringing movements together

We partnered with Lucky Tran, an expert science communicator and a former refugee, and with the March for Science, to bring you this video short on World Refugee Day 2019 because we think that the stories of global climate change and global migration will define our present moment.

A generation of activists is rising up in a highly-connected world and devising innovative solutions to a changing climate solutions that depend on justice, that accentuate human freedom and dignity, and that center the voices and ideas of those most impacted by environmental change.

Ask yourself: What would it take for you or your family to uproot and seek your livelihood in another part of the world? What would you and your loved ones do without enough food to eat or water to drink?

And how will you help make those who are already uprooted feel welcomed in your community?