Practice citizenship. Define American. - Define American

Support Communities Left Out
and Left Behind in this Pandemic

Citizenship is defined by our actions —
not by our immigration status.

5 Actions You Can Take Today to Demonstrate Citizenship

Be a good neighbor. Be a helper. Take action.

1. Sign the pledge below and commit to take action. (Takes just 1 minute!)

When you sign the pledge, we’ll send you regular updates about our work on American identity and ways to stay engaged.


2. See all the ways that communities are in this together, supporting each other. (Takes 4 minutes!)

Check out the playlist below to learn about a Minneapolis chef, a booming Seattle Facebook group, a New Jersey kid with lots of hand sanitizer and more people helping their communities.

3. Donate to support undocumented Americans and immigrant communities, including families in every town across the nation. (Takes 10 minutes!)

These groups are providing direct support to immigrant communities. Take the pledge for more opportunities to donate.

Or find an organization in your state to support using this list from Informed Immigrant or one of the resources or relief funds on the Immigrants Rising list.

4. Demand that your city, county and state include undocumented and immigrant communities in any public support measures that they are taking and that Congress include all of us in the long recovery ahead. (Takes 5 minutes!)

5. Educate yourself about the disparate impacts of the coronavirus and download these graphics to share with your friends and family. We can’t work towards solving a problem, if we don’t name it first. (Takes 15 minutes!)

Bonus action: Watch a Define American event highlighting the contributions of immigrant communities and to exploring critical acts of solidarity during this pandemic.

Practice Citizenship. Define American.

Sign below if you believe that citizenship is defined by our actions — not by our immigration status.

I define American according to our nation’s ideals of equality — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. I recognize that our culture stems from three broad streams of humanity: the indigenous of this land, those brought here by force, and those whose families came seeking freedom, safety and prosperity.

Wherever my roots, whether we arrived by land or by sea, centuries ago or yesterday, with or without papers, I pledge to define my citizenship as action. I will protect and support my neighbors, protest and celebrate together, and most of all, claim America for all of us.